Personal Experiences of Fellowship
The Sunrise Church Spiritual Growth Ministry provides a process for seekers, new Christians, maturing Christians and mature Christians to advance their spiritual growth. The process is a step by step progression that will help you BE ONE person who is faithful to God, BRING ONE person to a personal relationship with Jesus and BUILD ONE person to maturity in Christ. The Spiritual Growth Ministry provides:  
  • Spiritual Growth Table & Seeds Resource Center with counselors available at the end of every service.(Counselors will help seekers receive Christ as their Savior, help fallen Christians recommit their life to Christ, guide maturing believers to their next spiritual growth step)

  • Five-Step Follow-up Bible Study (This step is designed to assist new believers in developing healthy spiritual habits. A leader (of the same sex) will contact you for a 5-week, one-to-one follow-up and Bible study)

  • One on One Discipling (This step takes you through a 9-week one-to-one Bible study to establish a spiritual foundation for growth. A leader (of the same sex) will contact you for one-to-one Bible study – book: $9.00)

  • Discovery 1 thru 4 Series classes (Each series is a 6 week class with other believers; Discovery 1 –learn foundational truths of spiritual life and growth; Discovery 2 – learn keys to living a successful Christian life; Discovery 3 – discover how God can impact the world through you; Discovery 4 – designed to help you share your faith with others.

  • Equipping 1 thru 4 Series classes (Each series is a 6 week class with other believers learning how to understand and apply God’s Word and equip you to lead others)

  • Leadership 1 thru 3 Series classes (This series is designed to prepare you to become a leader in a volunteer ministry and could lead to answering a call from God to serve in church leadership)

Dave or Kathy Jones
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